The Personal Mind, Is It Really So Serious?

Oh, my personal mind!!  It churns and searches for something to latch onto and grasp.  If given its preference it would do leaps and bounds into the future every minute of every day.  Dear mind you show me the yearning to fix, solve, create, implement, buy, change, and modify.

Experiences stored, memories created and strategies planned off of the information of the personal mind.  When the mind is calm, there is space for new experiences, new insight and ways of being with my body, mind and the world.

However, when my mind is not so calm it is so serious.  How someone speaks, whether someone does or does not respond, it unfolds, and there I am the witness of the moment.  However, my dear sweet mind wants to jump in and retort, respond, defend, or justify.  Maybe an explanation or two of why?

Dear mind, do you ever grow weary?  You are the longest living, most active computer I have ever known.  It feels like your purpose is to extend into the outer world to mingle, straighten, organize and make sense of all things.  It seems you are searching for stability.  However, how do you define stability?  It seems the constant guessing of every situation keeps you, dear personal mind 100% unstable.

I don’t think people talk about it enough and how the feelings stirred up inside by the stories of the mind make situations seem so dangerous, almost death defying.  If a wrong decision is made, I will die, so my mind says.  My personal mind reaches out for revenge or reparation and as things unfold, the personal mind goes crazy, into overdrive with its constant computing.

However, it is the same old information regurgitating a solution that’s already been traveled and analyzed.   All it can do is pull from old information.  It cannot find new insights for they do not exist to the mind.  The personal mind only knows what the personal mind has thought or experienced before.  It all seems so severe, tormenting at times and that is simply because my personal mind finds it as such.

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