Love For The Dancing Mind


Always looking for a way to make things better.

What if everything, I mean everything was the best it could possibly be in each moment, but our minds travel away and miss it?  Each time it doesn’t see it because it is somewhere else.

Jumping in to stop what we don’t prefer is like jumping into a small pond to stop a ripple.

What if everything is perfect and full of surprises already?

What if, my mind were allowed to dance freely? Spin circles, two-step, boogie on down in the corner by itself.

And it just was.

Doing its thing.

And I was an observer of the dancing mind.

Dropping all judgment at the perceived insanity of a single pirouette.

To be non-judgmental of the lone dancer non-judgment would amplify if applied to life, giving total space in non-judgment and total acceptancethe mind could then dance, and I could see.

It is like a child who non-stop follows you saying your name for attention.  If I turn my back and pretend as though the child doesn’t exist the voice gets louder and it desperately clings to needing to be seen, acknowledged and accepted.  When I look at the child and acknowledge the child, the only response is “hello.”

Trying to get away from the mind leaves a person in a constant state of fight or flight.  It’s approached by strategizing how to either get away or how to engage and suppress what the mind is prattling on about.

What if, we could untangle ourselves from the fighting and fleeing by letting a pirouette be a pirouette?  Maybe we would be amazed at its beauty, as it is, in this moment.

(photo by Miguel Salgado)

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