Inattention Obscures While Attention Clarifies And Other Self Connecting Thoughts


The pictures you see are, but of a soul your mind created.  What resides in the dark places are only dark because the light has not been brought.  When you shine a light on the dark by drawing your attention gently to it, a lightness comes through an illumined sense of being.

When you ignore the dark it is never exposed so how can it transmute?  Transmuting the dark comes by shining light, bringing notice to your feelings, and feeling them.  My experience has been – inattention obscures while attention clarifies.

It is but an inspired and empowered place to venture.  Of course, there is a difference between shining the light and letting your mind wallow on thoughts that accentuate the darkness you feel.  Shining the light means to become aware of the feelings  – say hello, and acknowledge their presence.  Don’t label them right or wrong.  Just see them with your attention.  Hello, sadness, I see you, and I feel you.  Hello, anger I see you, and I feel you.  Well, Helllooooo love, where have you been hiding?


(I have utilized all of the below)


Crystals and Minerals

  • Dravite an excellent crystal for grounding and self-worthiness
  • Mangano Calcite is very calming and soothing on the emotional body.  Its energy is very loving
  • Aragonite Star clusters has supported me to feel safe and accepting as the feeling energies move and shift in and around me

Yoga Poses