We realize that there is no alternative to the experience that we have.  Our experience is the only experience there is.  This is the ultimate teacher.

-Pema Chodron

(photo by Jake Ingle)

The Love boils up from the heart.  It was not something that was done rather something that is always there.  To feel it is to know that the supply is unlimited.  Another can not take it away, remove or replace it.  For it is.  Read more

Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, whate’er you may believe.

There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness; and around, wall upon wall, the gross flesh hems it in, the perfect, clear perception—which is truth.

A baffling and perverting carnal mesh binds it, and makes all error; and to know rather consists in opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape, than in effecting entry for a light supposed to be without.

-Robert Browning

(Photo by Olivier Fahrn)

To be in the moment but not of the moment. To accept my Self fully.  To embrace the physical manifestations of choice and responsibility.  To let go.  To accept the hanging on is something I am doing. To let go the gripping, holding, and stuck turns to freedom, flexibility, and malleable movement.   Read more

One of the biggest things that has led me to where I am today is understanding that everything – and I mean everything is an opportunity! Experiences happen to help us if we can only clear the fogged mirror long enough to look inside.

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Ahhhhhhh social media.

It’s such a yearning.

An offering of where you are not.

Who you are and who you are not.

Where you might want to be and where you don’t want to be.

(photo by Shane Rounce )

What If?

a poem by Ganga White

What if our religion was each other?
If our practice was our life?
If prayer was our words?
What if the Temple was the Earth?
If forests were our church?
If holy water—the rivers, lakes and oceans?
What if meditation was our relationships?
If the Teacher was life?
If wisdom was self-knowledge?
If love was the center of our being

©1998 Ganga White, Santa Barbara All Rights Reserved
– Written at the Rainforest Benefit, NYC April 1998

(photo by Trần Anh Tuấn)


I love rituals.  Ever since I can remember I have loved designing and creating rituals around repetitive lifecycles, whether nature or human ones.

There is an inner knowingness and sacredness to me that comes from setting aside a moment of time, marked by some cyclical event. I become present, full of intention and creativity as I construct something that is meaningful to me.
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It’s Sunday, what better day to begin something new?