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The Grace Of Receiving

Something to do.  My mind pulls for something to do.  Is it pulling to get away?  I don’t know, but it has an early morning sense of restlessness.  My mind jumps around trying to latch onto something.

When the mind is searching, I can feel the physical tension; the cricky neck, and the tight right side.  When I notice it and become aware, it seems to open up physical space within my body.  In fact, when I think about receiving, taking in the moment as if I am a cup and each moment is filling and giving to me, I flinch from my right side, the tension releasing.  Things my eyes capture, are they gifts coming straight into my heart?

New Moon Ideas and Rituals


I love rituals.  Ever since I can remember I have loved designing and creating rituals around repetitive lifecycles, whether nature or human ones.

There is an inner knowingness and sacredness to me that comes from setting aside a moment of time, marked by some cyclical event. I become present, full of intention and creativity as I construct something that is meaningful to me.