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Breathe Right now, where you are – breathe. Take a deep breath and imagine a rubber band around your lower ribs and inhale through the entire circumference of your ribcage. Exhale fully. Repeat three times. Take your time. Resume whatever you were doing and may your day be filled with lots of space. (photo by Tim Goedhart)

The Answers Lie Within The Question

What happens when you wake up one day and you realize you have no connection with your Self?  You realize you have never seen your Self, acknowledged your Self or honored your Self.  Where on god’s green earth do you begin? My experience is you begin with listening, and you begin by seeing.  Seeing all the things you may have been running from all of …

Taking A Closer Look At Monkey Mind

watching your personal energy

Energy extended outward, when intentionally watching, it surges inward and dances in front of me. The amount of energy produced inside of me exceeds the amount needed to function.  It overwhelms me as it comes inside and slowly reduces.  I feel the production of energy is too great, and it is apparent that it takes more energy production to be external than is necessary to …

Learning To Let Go Through The Body

To be in the moment but not of the moment. To accept my Self fully.  To embrace the physical manifestations of choice and responsibility.  To let go.  To accept the hanging on is something I am doing. To let go the gripping, holding, and stuck turns to freedom, flexibility, and malleable movement.  

The Energetic Transposition Between Thought and Muscles

Have you ever looked at a skeleton and seen the amount of space that exists within the human body without the muscles, tendons, cartilage, etc.?  The amount of space between the bones is beyond expansive than what I typically feel within the movement of my body. Bones are denser than muscles, yet often times it feels as if the muscles are denser then bones internally.  …