Love Is Within, Always And Endless

The Love boils up from the heart.  It was not something that was done rather something that is always there.  To feel it is to know that the supply is unlimited.  Another can not take it away, remove or replace it.  For it is. 


Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, whate’er you may believe.

There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness; and around, wall upon wall, the gross flesh hems it in, the perfect, clear perception—which is truth.

A baffling and perverting carnal mesh binds it, and makes all error; and to know rather consists in opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape, than in effecting entry for a light supposed to be without.

-Robert Browning

(Photo by Olivier Fahrn)

Learning To Let Go Through The Body

To be in the moment but not of the moment. To accept my Self fully.  To embrace the physical manifestations of choice and responsibility.  To let go.  To accept the hanging on is something I am doing. To let go the gripping, holding, and stuck turns to freedom, flexibility, and malleable movement.  

What To Do?

Maybe it’s the doing from the place of the problem that is the problem itself. Maybe this approach keeps us mired in the same system that we so oppose, and the solutions are then only at the surface perpetuating the ‘us against them’ story.

Maybe not knowing the solution is where the answer lies that will offer new eyes and begin a new story.


(photo by Ken Treloar)

The Energetic Transposition Between Thought and Muscles

Have you ever looked at a skeleton and seen the amount of space that exists within the human body without the muscles, tendons, cartilage, etc.?  The amount of space between the bones is beyond expansive than what I typically feel within the movement of my body.

Bones are denser than muscles, yet often times it feels as if the muscles are denser then bones internally.  A tight back, an achy neck, a stiff shoulder, and on and on.  Yet the muscles are actually malleable.

Finding Love In All Things, The Shadows And The Colors

Getting up in the morning a list begins in my head.  Who hasn’t done what I want them to?  Check, check, check.  Mentally, an uncontrollable litany of resentments flows through my mind.  I used to try to push them away.  My heart knows I really don’t dislike any of that list that flows through my mind but pushing them away makes them louder.

Moving Away From Labels And Towards Humanity

In America, we celebrate labels which only emphasize separation all the more.  It sets the stage to believe those labels mean anything; the first woman president, the first black president, the first black woman to win a race.

Although these are milestones that reflect changes in society of “moving forward” and “acceptance”  I feel deeply their reflection of acceptance is in and of itself a deep-seated belief in labels and that somehow they are important to the accomplishment at hand.